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House of Straw

House of Straw

Now watch yourself before you go off hashin’ on my religion, ’cause it’s the door to my faith that you’re bashing in and before you commence with your demolition, there are things you should understand.

I honestly think that you honestly think you can bring this structure down, and when the dust …

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What I Become

What I Become

It seems like there’s so much to give that there’s so little time to receive.

I turn for relaxation to the distractions all around me, entertaining things to take my mind off of all that wearies me: those incomplete tasks that demand my attention, the heart wrenching news and daily contention… and …

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Faith Not Dead

We are justified, not by works, but by faith… and yet faith without works is dead. Words of contradiction, until you’ve stop living your faith in your head.

Just give me a moment to unravel this.

There is nothing that I have ever done, nor that I can ever do that will earn me a …

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Life Insurance (working title)

I act like being “covered by grace” is insurance against a foolish mistake; a promise from God to intervene should I ever decide that I need a “plan B”. “Don’t worry about me, I’m covered.”

I’m a pretty decent person: I’m caring, compassionate, helpful, devout. I’m conscientious and diligent, I relentlessly pour myself out… Hour …

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Draw Upon Me Ashes

Draw Upon Me Ashes

Imprint upon me, Prince of Peace, this foundling’s lost identity. Draw me in to growth again, to live, and die eternally.

This dance of grace, this tug-of-war, this falling and alighting here. This swift embrace, this sackcloth coarse, these ashes of another year.

Draw upon me mournful death of all that …

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Filter Bubbles – Spoken Word

Filter Bubbles

By HD Fuller

We are drowning in sources of information, floundering in the rip-tide of voices so we must make choices.

Where will we turn to hear the news? Which friends will we listen to? Who can we trust? <br/>

When the sun droops low on a busy day, my energies fading tenacity …

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Take & Give

There is nothing. 

There is no circumstance that has come to pass, nor that is yet to come in which I cannot take joy.

I know how very clumsily I’ve trod the broken road of life that’s laid before. How marked and torn I’ve left that fragile sod from which sustained relationships should grow.

And …

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Broken Creation

I am a broken creation, living and choosing with past information, informing my actions with skills I’ve learned that have seen me through before.

Reacting to the dangers I can manage, relying on myself to find the safety in the passage.

And I know this part; it once gripped my heart in a cage of …

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Best Lines – The Greatest Artist…

“What if I told you that you are God’s poetry? You were created because someone else was creative.”

– Jefferson Bethke, “The Greatest Artist of All Time”

PowerPoint Confessions

Excuse me, God, I apologize…. you lost me about three slides ago, and I’m following the context of this presentation without really getting the lingo.

If I’d raised my hand when I first realized I’d no idea what you meant… I wouldn’t look like such a fool and I surely don’t mean to offend…. …

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