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What You Will NOT Find Here

Let me be clear.  I am not the stereotypical Christian Mom Blogger.

Here is what I AM:

  1. I AM doing my best to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit with no credentials beyond the state of continuous grace in which I live.
  2. I AM a mom with a solid and successful career outside of the home…. which I thoroughly recognize as part of my calling. Yes, I AM a day-care-kid mom.
  3. I AM an advocate for the mentally ill.
  4. I AM fallible.


So what you will NOT find here is:

  1. You will NOT find an authoritative source for theological discussion.
  2. You will NOT find any posts disparaging working moms or suggesting that giving up a career to stay at home with your children is a holier calling than a career outside the home (likewise, you will not find the reverse… we each have our own calling in our children’s lives).
  3. You will NOT find any flippant or thoughtless comments about mental stability.  Please know that any references I make to my own mentality (past or present) are 100% authentic. No comments on “losing my mind” about making dinner… or “going crazy” trying to get Little Man to brush his teeth.  If you see me make any such comment, please call me on it and refer to “I AM” #4.  Flippant and unthinking comments of this kind perpetuate stigma and us -versus- them mentalities destroy relationships and damage lives.



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