HD Fuller is a devoted Christian, a mother to three beautiful kids and wife to one amazing husband. She works full time as an aerospace engineer, and loves words. She describes herself as tenacious, dynamic and vociferous… with shades of terrified, timid and self-defacing thrown in for balance.

She is a writer who is beginning the struggle between the Holy Spirit’s prompting and her own misgivings. Her writing, “just leapt off the page one day”, refusing to lie dormant and simply “be read”.

This website is focused on seeking and speaking about the Holy Spirit’s work in her life. Because poetry is impossible to schedule, much of the content will necessarily be in the form of blogging. As often as is possible, spoken word poetry will be posted. corresponding audio files will be included because reading spoken word poetry is like seeing a 3-D movie without the glasses. It’s not only inadequate, it’s thoroughly disorienting and inevitably disappointing.

The Family

Welcome to the family!  Let me introduce you.  I’m Mama, of course.  My husband and wonderful father of my children is Husband and/or Papa as the moment suits.  We live in western Washington State and have three wonderful kids.  Little Man is 3 going on 13.  He loves racecars, motorbikes and dirt.  Ladybug and Tiny …

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What You Will NOT Find Here

Let me be clear.  I am not the stereotypical Christian Mom Blogger.

Here is what I AM:

I AM doing my best to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit with no credentials beyond the state of continuous grace in which I live. I AM a mom with a solid and successful career outside of …

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