The Brink

The Brink
-HD Fuller

We are standing on the brink
of something
and it’s tremendous
and it’s intimidating
and I find myself wondering
where it is that we’re going.
and I don’t know.
But we’re standing
and we’re leaning
into the headwind of the Spirit,
heading in to worship.

We praise Your name,
we lift You high
with the persistence of breathing,
the instinct of a heartbeat,
the longing of an addiction.

Because to do otherwise
would leave us wanting.
How much more will we praise You, then,
when we finally announce You,
denouncing these self-imposed
illusions of restraints
that keep us from pronouncing this longing
before the seeking eyes of others?

And we’re still standing,
and we’re still leaning,
and we’re waiting.

Can’t you feel it?
There’s a vibration in the air
sweeping up and down the spectrum.
It feels like a foreboding,
a clenching of the chest,
a choking in the throat,
right up until it hits upon
the fundamental frequency
that naturally resonates with me,
and it locks on.
I know my frequency,
my song,
is different than yours,
and yours.
He’ll hit each and every one of us
in His time.

He’s shaking me
from these hairs that He’s numbered
all the way down to these toes
that are hanging
over the brink
of something

Just hanging there

Over something
so much thicker with meaning,
so much richer with beauty,
than the void I fear.

So, we’re standing,
and we’re fully accounted for,
and we’ll wait for as long as it takes
to lock onto His song for us.

Then we’ll sing of freedom realized,
lean with the Spirit,
voice this battle cry song of redemption,
and go.

His salvation is complete!
Why wait?
Why hesitate to step into forever?

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