House of Straw

House of Straw

Now watch yourself before you go off
hashin’ on my religion,
’cause it’s the door to my faith that you’re bashing in
and before you commence with your demolition,
there are things you should understand.

I honestly think that you honestly think
you can bring this structure down,
and when the dust clears,
I’ll be standing here,
grateful you came around.

As if I’m a prisoner in this place,
not a beloved daughter,
full of grace.

Please let me explain.

This happens to be where my faith feels at home
amid a family of believers.
I like the lingo, the music, the people,
but it’s still a man-made structure,
and the God who absolves me from my sins
sure doesn’t need to live here.

Oh, I suspect that he appreciates
the space that we’ve created for him,
but it sure won’t be where he’ll hang out
when he comes again.

This “religion” is a building.
It’s an artificial construction.
Nothing on Earth made by God
could be so bent on self-destruction.

I recognize that you need a mark,
and the church is the physical “thing” that you see,
but consider what you’re aiming at
when you target Christianity.

See… I think you’re aiming at our history,
our bloody and turbulent past,
and our bloody and turbulent future
that, yes, will probably come to pass.

You’re aiming at human hypocrites,
at corruption, and hate speech, and love of wealth…
but this clubhouse here doesn’t need your graffiti…
We’ve painted it blood red ourselves.

So go ahead, knock it down,
but know this before you start.
This structure’s the place I lived in
when I gave my Lord my heart.

And though it holds a special significance
to who I am today,
no wrecking ball,
no sticks and stones,
not even righteous rage…
no earthly experience can take His grace away.

So when the dust settles and you catch your breath,
peering through the murky haze,
if I’m doing this right, all you’ll find is a note, saying:

“Sorry we missed you, we’ll be gone for days.
This Great Commission remains unfulfilled
so we’re dusting off our feet again…
hitting the streets with so much to do.

Meanwhile, please do let yourself in.
We’ve wanted to meet you for quite some time,
so we left the door unlocked.
Come right in, make yourself at home….
no need to knock.”


  1. Doris

    You are a Watchman, a true seer of truth. Love seeing your expression of God.

  2. Barbara Nasralla

    I love the poem, Heidi!

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