What I Become

What I Become

It seems like there’s so much to give
that there’s so little time to receive.

I turn for relaxation to the distractions all around me,
entertaining things to take my mind off of all that wearies me:
those incomplete tasks that demand my attention,
the heart wrenching news and daily contention…
and everything else.

I just need a break…

But whatever I look at is what I become,
and I’m sitting here watching this world,
I’m watching with fascinated disinterest,
disregarding the things I’m ashamed to have seen…

and I’m not making choices
so much as my choices are making me.

I know You don’t expect me to look away
and isolate myself in some safe place
where that worldly muck can’t reach me…
but I’m a pristine soul with filthy soles,
and I’ll tell You from where that filth has come:
I can’t seem follow You through this world
without walking through some dung…

You say that You’ll clean my feet as well,
so now I’ll look down upon You
where You’re kneeling humbly on the floor.
Treating me with a decency and honor
such as I’ve never known before…
such a startling act for a Lord.

You call me a “becoming woman”,
and I hope that all I’m becoming…
is more like you.

Whatever I look at is what I become,
and I know what I want to be.
I want to be a vessel
for your love to flow right through me.

I stand now on this dusty earth,
clean soul,
clean spirit,
clean feet,
and I pray to touch this world
so much more than it touches me.

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