Faith Not Dead

We are justified,
not by works, but by faith…
and yet faith without works is dead.
Words of contradiction,
until you’ve stop living your faith in your head.

Just give me a moment to unravel this.

There is nothing that I have ever done,
nor that I can ever do
that will earn me a moment of time with my God,
impart an iota of his regard.

It is mine already.

I can’t earn it
anymore than I can lose it.

So what good are works?

But I see it now,
and I can’t just sit still.
This hunger for the Spirit.
this pent-up will
cannot allow a loved and forgiven heart…
to just…

I must move, must act,
now it behooves me to extract this…
must express, must confess
while I’m still willing to enact this
with an energy that I could not possess
for any lesser reason,
but that He is my Lord.

He loves me, and oh,
how I wish you would know
how crazy he is about you.

I don’t know how to show you, or teach you.
I’ve no idea how to reach you,
but this faith…
this gift…
is dead if I sit here
easily contented
with the world the way it perpetually is.

These feet,
this heart,
these hands…
these words are moved to works.

Yes, faith without works is in fact dead.
A living hearts beat,
and living faith works.
Living bodies need constant nourishment,
and this living faith hungers and thirsts for God,
knowledge of God,
relationship with God,
entanglement with my living savior,
dependance on repentance and a moment of acceptance to savor,
reliance on my non-compliant God.

This depth of relationship
simply cannot be had with any other,
for no other knows me as He does,
and with certainty no other,
seeing past this thin facade
could love me notwithstanding.

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