Five Minute Friday – She

This is my first attempt at the Five Minute Friday challenge. It’s simply a five minute minimally edited response to a single word prompt. The word this week is “She”.

Five Minute Friday


I’ve been wondering what my mother meant on Saturday when she pointed to my 9 month old daughter sitting on the floor playing with her twin brother and said, “She’s a little you.”

I’m flattered. She’s adorable, and sweet and dynamic. She’s a red-headed ball of thunder and lightning…. giggles and screams and joy flashing forth in every conceivable direction. I’m looking at her and wondering what my mother sees there that reminds her of me… how was I like her?

But it’s the opposite question that terrifies me. How will she be like me? Will she call herself tenacious (when we all know she’s stubborn)? Will she always doubt her own worth? Will she be hurt? Used? Will she blame herself and hide from the world? Will she be strong? Intelligent? Curious? Will she find a man as good as her father? Will she be respected? Loved? Will she take all of the hurt and wrongness that the world hands her and turn it back against herself?

Who is this creature? Who will she be? How can I possibly protect her?


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