Keep Moving!

Standing in worship, as the music faded from my ears… “Holy Spirit, Come…” mmmm… I noticed my calves were aching. I seem to be incapable of standing still. Perhaps it’s the mother in me… drummer in me… or the marching band geek in me… or perhaps it’s just the Spirit in me.

Then the words of the Spirit so clearly spoken in the prayer meeting a few weeks ago come back to me continuously: “Keep running to Me.”

I am continuously urged to movement. And isn’t this how it ought to be?

Consider the following verses:

  • “For we hold that a person is justified by faith apart from works prescribed by the law.” [Romans 3:28, NRSV]
  • “You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone.” [James 2:24, NRSV]
  • “For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is also dead.” [James 2:26, NRSV]

John is clear that we are saved by faith… but James assures us that unless our faith is moving us to do good works, that faith is as dead as a body with no spirit. By our profession of faith and acceptance of Christ as our personal savior, the Spirit is in us… and it moves us.  It urges us onward… to keep moving.

I’m haunted by the song we used to sing in Sunday school, “When the Spirit of the Lord moves in my heart, I will dance as David danced.” Now, admittedly, David danced in the buff… but the reason he did so is that he was too overcome by the presence and the joy of the Spirit to have ANY inhibitions. I am so inhibited. By Presbyterian standards, our whole congregation is a deck of wild-cards, but by Spirit standards… I’m a statue.

This movement… these works that we’re called to are BIG things! Whether they’re local or international, these are outward movements… out from the doors of our homes and our churches… out from our comfort zones…. but no one says we have to start big. How can the Spirit expect me to move in big ways when I can’t even shuffle my feet in the comfort of my own Christian Body?

Come on, folks! Let’s keep dancing… keep moving… keep running to His open arms. There’s so much work to be done… joyful Spirit work. Yes, it’s scary, but we’re made to be his fools… so dance, already.


Question: How is the Spirit asking you to move? On what scale? In what direction?

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