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Best Lines – Brother

“Children seem born into enlightenment, but growing up is growing into darkness…” – Mason Nunemaker, “Brother”

Check out the full poem… a fresh take on loss of innocence this week…. from a brother’s viewpoint.

Tracking Them (Unabridged)

Here is a bit more spoken word poetry for you guys.  In case you don’t listen to the audio, let me assure you that the first half of this piece is sarcastic with respect to mental health issues… so if you’re a little offended… please read on.  This is NOT a hateful poem.

Tracking Them …

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Keep Moving!

Standing in worship, as the music faded from my ears… “Holy Spirit, Come…” mmmm… I noticed my calves were aching. I seem to be incapable of standing still. Perhaps it’s the mother in me… drummer in me… or the marching band geek in me… or perhaps it’s just the Spirit in me.

Then the words …

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Best Lines – My Inspiration

“Roses have thorns to remind us that beautiful things should be handled delicately, so beware of those who reach for your heart carelessly.”

Tre G. – “My Inspiration”

Mimicry Counts

As little man was snuggling up to me last night, he mumbled, “luf my mama…”

“I love you to,” I replied. “I love you so much”.

So much.

They’re words I’ve tacked onto that statement for years…. as if they can even begin to convey how much deeper that love is than I’d ever expected …

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If you’re not familiar with Ann Voskamp’s blog, I highly recommend you check it out. Especially if you’re looking for God in the midst of the day to day to day.

How to Love (1 Cor. 13)

You tell me to love. First and foremost.

I can strive with my utmost to serve You and Yours my smallest seed of faith empowered with such force as to move the very mountains. the angels guide my speech and yet everything I claim every fount of wisdom is but a noisy clanging to Your …

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Best Lines – The Ruined Life

“Your life is ruined when someone makes you choose science or miracles without seeing how well they cha-cha.”

Derrick Brown, “The Ruined Life”

Scents of the Past… Re-Remembered

Five minutes down the road this morning with a minivan full of kids, I realized that my hoodie smells… funny.

I’d picked it up from a pile in the garage… you know the kind… piles of stuff we pulled out of the van the last time it became evident that little man was grinding cheerios …

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